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The Rewards of Volunteering with Homeowners Associations

September 25, 2019

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any homeowners association, as Paul Mengert can attest. He has seen many community associations thrive based on the volunteer efforts of their membership. Volunteers do not just come out of nowhere though, they are not grown on trees. They offer themselves as free labor to a community that they want to see thrive. They should be treated well and utilized effectively!

Paul Mengert, as President of Association Management Group, has seen volunteers be the difference in happy communities. If you are a member of a community association and you care about the value of your home or property, then you ought to want to take good care of it and the surroundings. Associations are charged with maintaining the value of the properties involved, so it makes sense that you as a member might be interested in helping them as well.

If you have thought about being a volunteer for your homeowners association, it was likely because of the above reason—the realization that it could have positive effects on long-term value. However, it can also be very personally rewarding, providing more engagement with the community and allowing you to meet new people. It also allows you access to those who make decisions in these communities, meaning that if you have an issue they might be easier to reach and influence.